The Approach

The Approach

As an initial first step for a company is the exploration of a brands’ values, philosophies and business objectives to determine a path in which the rest will follow, if decided upon. A brand can hire me for this process alone, as a way to whet the appetite of a CEO, founder and/or senior management. I can offer CSR 101, the benefits, the rewards, facts and figures, all with the likelihood a full audit and plan is then executed.


Step 1 - Global CSR Plan

  • Review, cultivate CSR readiness in the context of corporate vision, culture, and brand strategy.

  • Development of the Global CSR Plan, and decision to proceed.

Step 2 - Audit

  • Review of current and past CSR and philanthropic initiatives, and impact of same.

  • Consultation with top management to solicit pre-planning input.

  • Consultation with brand positioning leadership to determine business objectives.

  • Workplace survey to assess employee perceptions, desires, and identify social issues.

  • The audit is also a first catalyst for CSR program support and enthusiasm.

Step 3 - Develop the vision

  • Match the company values and priorities with the 3 P’s of CSR: People, Planet, Profit.

  • Gathering of key stakeholders (owners, strategic management, employees who are especially interested) to develop a mission and impact objectives.

  • Articulate the vision.

  • Identify potential social issues, and areas of focus.

Step 4 - Cause and partner selection

  • Research and development of cause and partner options

  • Evaluate and shortlist the cause and partner options.

  • Outreach to potential partners.

  • Develop concept CSR plans with interested partners.

  • Gathering of stakeholders for review of concept CSR plans, cause and partner selection, and to articulate the desired impact objectives.

  • Preliminary decision of company to proceed.

Step 5 - Strategic planning and decision to proceed

  • In consultation with partners, develop the CSR strategic plans.

  • Company and partners approve the plan, and decide to proceed.

  • The program/partnership is formally announced.

  • Company forms, appoints the CSR Committee

Step 6 - Operational planning and implementation

  • CSR committee develops a comprehensive CSR plan, including:

    • CSR and philanthropic vision and impact objectives.

    • CSR organizational structure.

    • Workplace participation strategy and initiatives.

    • Goals, objectives, budgets, metrics.

    • Work plans for each initiative.

    • Communications strategy. (Internal and external).

  • Launch plan, implementation, and kick-off. (High impact, micro-managed).

  • Operational and performance management.

  • Ensure overall performance and outcomes are synchronized with CSR strategies.